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pc蛋蛋APP Specialize In Gypsum Board Equipment & Gypsum Powder Equipment



Paper-faced Gypsum Board Production Line

The specifications, types, prices for the gypsum plaster board production line are worked out in accordance with the product quality, output, material structure and other factors as required by customers.   Annual output: 2 million – 80 million sq. meters / year






Natural Gypsum Powder Production Line 

Use natural gypsum as raw material
Capacity: 10-800 thousand Ton/year

pc蛋蛋APP ( basing on 300 working days and 24 working hours)



pc蛋蛋APP Linyi Huihang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Pingyi County Economic Development Area of Shandong Province (The company was formerly known as Pingyi Xingping Machinery Plant, which was founded in 1993.) and specializes in the manufacture of gypsum board and gypsum powder production lines. Our main business operations include the research & development, manufacture, installation, debugging and production of production equipments for gypsum plaster board...... 




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pc蛋蛋APP We build production lines more than 300 sets in China and oversea .